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Cloud Computing

We see ourselves as ‘CloudFACILITATOR’, i.e., firstly, we have cloud computing experts, and secondly, we can put our customers in a position to provide, operate and bill applications according to use in a private or public cloud on demand. As part of this process, we work with the leading vendors of productive and secure cloud infrastructures: Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Virtuozzo and many more! In our view, cloud computing is not an alternative to traditional IT but an addition to it, especially in relation to the automation of IT processes. Everything follows this motto: Saving on infrastructure, expanding services for you!

This is where the paradigm shift lies: Our cloud computing customers can meet various internal requirements (e.g., faster productivity of employees, cost transparency and cost efficiency, constant timeliness of software used) without having to expand the IT infrastructures and processes required for these themselves! Cloud computing has many advantages for you. For example, fixed IT investments can be transformed into variable and transparent costs. Cloud computing can simplify many daily tasks. But it does not mean that you lose control of your IT. To make the most out of cloud computing, you first have to know what your individual cloud strategy is. We will support you in this!

Platform As a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure As a Service (IaaS)
PaaS platform development, Automated application deployment and autoscaling

Datacenter hosting is a type of service that keeps expanding in today’s world. Running a successful business keeps getting more and more complicated. You have to maintain and address a ton of stuff. We are concerned about you and will not to let you go bananas. That’s why our cloud server providers in Eugene are here to relieve some of the stress associated with running a prosperous business

Strategy Blueprints

When it comes to the success of your website, app or software, strategy is everything.
It’s the foundation for your success

Are you looking for computing scalability and data storage while minimizing capital expense? Then public cloud computing may be the solution you have been searching for

Hybrid cloud is a combination of co-location and either a public or private cloud. The ATS’ hybrid cloud is a combination of co-location and either a public or private cloud

Nimbylz’s private dedicated virtual environments are engineered for our customers who want the benefits of the cloud but need their data to remain in a physically separate environment

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