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Ongoing Maintenance

Computer systems have become an integral component to running a successful business, with organisations relying on these technological tools to function effectively. Therefore, maintaining an operational IT infrastructure is paramount to avoiding the disruption of business and potential loss of clients, profit and reputation.

We recognise and appreciate the necessity to maintain a reliable, secure and efficient IT system and aim to assist local and national organisations with the use of ongoing support contracts

Benefits of Ongoing Maintenance. The following are just some of the benefits of entering into an maintenance contract

Unlimited phone, email, remote and on-site support within business hours.
Remote hardware and software monitoring and maintenance.
Permanent high priority status.
Regular scheduled onsite maintenance. Provision of loan hardware in the event of any failure.
Reports on system utilisation, virus events, and other business intelligence.

Every growing business inevitably deals with the pains of exponentially increasing data points. As this growth occurs, it becomes harder to keep track of data spread across different verticals within the business. One of the biggest shifts businesses have to make is to examine their analytics framework. Nimbylz specializes in reducing the number of 'stories' your data is telling you, while also enabling you to feel confident that you're acting on the right information.

Strategy Blueprints

When it comes to the success of your website, app or software, strategy is everything.
It’s the foundation for your success

Nimbylz Technology (NTS) systems and support services to new and existing businesses, from small organisations to large corporations, in the form of Managed Services. This is a partnership where our team act as your in-house IT support, and we tailor our services to the needs and requirements of your business. The Managed Support Agreement (MSA) that is entered into, covers all labour carried out during chosen business hours for service and support, and includes regular onsite and remote monitoring of systems performance, backup success, server uptime and utilisation, workstation health, antivirus software status and much more. Managed services are carried out between office hours; 09:00am to 06:00pm Indian Standard Time (IST), Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays; these are our standard support hours. The options exists to extend the hours of support beyond the standard.

A prepaid agreement is a flexible and affordable option that acts as a pay as you go support service. A block of units is purchased in advance then individual units are utilised as and when required; a dollar figure for labour is replaced with part of, all of, or more than one, unit. The program allows for services to be carried out on any number of devices that fall under our expertise, and, we’ll even assist with third party problems if requested and feasible. The units are discounted from our standard business rates to offer better value for money and units can be used on a range of support services including the resolution of faults, the installation of new equipment, as well as the upgrading of existing systems.

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