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Servers / Data Migrations

Legacy Systems Modernization & Data Migrations - Ensuring that even as your digital ecosystem evolves, your business can perpetually leverage the data and information you've accumulated over the course of years

How do you take a legacy system and modernize it without disrupting your existing business?

Odds are, your business is running on an outdated set of systems that manage your in-house operations. Your internal collaboration tools are used sparingly and your employees end up using their own forms of communication. There's no centralized document repository for you to manage workflows and revisions.

This scenario is all too common today – businesses across the world are moving rapidly just to barely keep up with trends in mobility, security, and cloud infrastructure
Legacy System Migrations (Overhauls, Modernizations) tend to happen infrequently within businesses – but when they do occur, it's an expansive effort. At Icreon, we work with businesses that realize overhauling their existing technologies is just as much about educating their end users as it is about adding new features.

Legacy Systems Modernizations are one of the most time and capital-intensive tasks any business can undertake. To reduce the risk of failure and minimize long-term cost leakage, the future of legacy modernizations is being able to modularly swap in and swap out parts of a business system and its data without bringing everything else to a standing halt. The era of microservices allows for this, by allowing teams to use orchestration to flexibly replace business logics and processes incrementally

General practices and motifs

When it comes to the success of your website, app or software, strategy is everything.
It’s the foundation for your success

Leveraging the latest in microservices-architecture and cloud technologies to manage technology obsolescence

Approaching solving customer needs by rethinking foundational presumptions to spark innovation

Developing platforms and customer experiences that are loosely coupled and can be matured continuously

Leveraging artificial intelligence to understand customer intent and goals faster

Creating experiences that can easily play-nice with other cloud- and legacy platforms

Platforms and technologies integral to modernizing legacy systems and migrating data

Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, Virtuozzo

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