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Web Design

Custom Website Design For Better Business

We know your website needs to be more than an attractive placeholder or even a marketing tool. For companies in the industrial sector in particular, a website is a real workhorse that supports and accelerates business processes within complex software architecture.

We specialize in helping organizations make their website the hub of communications for business with information exchange using EDI format, ESB (Enterprise Service Bus), REST and XMLmodels. This includes integrating with internal applications and interfacing with all the third parties that help keep your business running
Vendors, suppliers, contractors, Distributors, wholesalers, retailers, Regulatory Agencies, Partners and clients
Enabling frictionless online collaboration with all these outside entities strengthens business relationships and opens up new avenues for revenue. That’s why so many clients come to us when they need proprietary web design. We work with a very broad range of tools and technologies

Our programming and competencies

When it comes to the success of your website, app or software, strategy is everything.
It’s the foundation for your success


.NET (C# and Visual Basic)


Java (for desktop, web, server, and mobile)


Ruby on Rails


Objective C and Swift (iOS platform)

C and C++

Nimbylz provides consulting, modernization, and performance optimization services for websites to bring them up to speed with user expectations and business requirements. From corporate governance to regulatory compliance, we understand that your web services need to be reliable, scalable, and maintainable. We can offer a full website rebuild and migration or perform QA, usability, and security testing on your existing custom solution

Website is a hard to maintain and there are always zero-day security vulnerabilities it must be protected from. We offer a number of support options for your web app so that it remains usable, bug free and secure. In case your admin runs into a problem he can’t fix himself, we have a team of web experts, who will fix it for you. You can opt-in for long-term support or on-demand support at an affordable cost.

Business Intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics tools

Business process automation

Web-enabled embedded technology for all aspects of supply chain management

Mobile-compatible, backend integrated web applications

E-commerce that supports multiple payment processing solutions

Document management systems

Portals for self-service, helpdesk, and more

At Nimbylz, we value our reputation for being associated with web software customization that makes a real difference for business clients. Our team will take the time to explain how and when customization is necessary and if there are off-the-shelf solutions that would work just as well. For custom web design to be worthwhile, it should provide at least one of the following benefits:

Significant cost savings

Substantial and measurable improvements in productivity

Greater security and compliance

Innovation and fresh business opportunities

A real competitive edge in the marketplace

We build lean and focus on creating solutions that deliver maximum revenue potential for our clients

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